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10 Outdoor Cinema Venue Ideas

10 Outdoor Cinema Venue Ideas

One of the best things about Skylight Cinema is that we can hold screenings in the most weird and wonderful places. Our mobile cinema screen is ideal for smaller, pop-up parties and our massive, inflatable Airscreen allows us to screen almost anywhere. Here are just a few cinema venue ideas to get you thinking.

1. On the beach

Some of our favourite events have been on the beach. You can set up deck chairs, hammocks or beanbags in the sand, have a beach shack serving cocktails and invite guests to wear grass skirts and hawiaan shirts.

2. Lying in bed

Believe it or not, we’ve known outdoor cinema screenings to set up double beds for their guests to lie in and enjoy the film. The only drawback is that you may fall asleep!

3. Next to the pool

Why not hold a pool party screening for all your friends. Guests can float on inflatable rings whilst we project your film of choice next to the pool on our inflatable screen.

4. In a car park

Nothing beats a good ol’ drive-in cinema! Hire a car park, invite your guests to turn up in their cars and hand out popcorn and ice cream to complete the experience.

5. On a rooftop

Sitting under the stars with a twinkling town or city beneath you make rooftop screenings the most romantic of all.

6. In a village hall

We also do indoor events, and there is something incredibly nostalgic about holding a film screening in a village hall. Our 4m x 2m aluminium frame is just the screen you need. You can get to know your neighbours by hosting a regular community cinema club, and then head to the local pub afterwards for a pint.

7. At a stately home

There are some incredible stately homes available for hire, with beautiful gardens and historic houses as a backdrop. You could screen a period drama classic, whilst serving cream teas in picnic hampers with gin and tonics.

8. In a field

From festivals to farmyards, fields are such versatile spaces for cinema screenings. Guests can bring their own picnics and wellies, and sit back to enjoy the movie surrounded by countryside.

9. On a ferry

We recently did a floating screening of Cast Away starring Tom Hanks on a ferry! People brought along camping chairs and light refreshments were served on board.

10. In your back garden

Finally, if you would like to host a screening for friends and family at home, we also provide smaller screens for private garden parties.

For more venue ideas or to book your own cinema experience, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on info@skylightcinema.co.uk or 07753688043.

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