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COVID-19 and Outdoor Cinema

COVID-19 and Outdoor  Cinema

Health & Safety

Here at Skylight Cinema, we take your health and safety very seriously and the well-being of the public, our customers, and our staff is a top priority.

We are closely monitoring the situation of Covid-19 and will consider and implement any updates from the World Health Organisation and Public Health for England and local authorities.

The current message is that large gatherings MAY be forced to cancel. What mass gatherings covers is still being decided. It is likely to be gatherings of more than either 5000 or 500. Whether it is 5000 or 500, Outdoor Cinema is still a great way to bring a community together in what is a tough time for everyone.

The Covid-19 Pandemic advice is susceptible to change and here at Skylight we will comply with any recommendations as we all have to do our part in containing the virus.

This is an ever-evolving situation, and changes daily and if the government was to enforce any restrictions on events, we would of course adhere to all public safety announcements. If an event has to be cancelled, we would where possible, try and reschedule the event.

We hope that Outdoor Cinema is going to be a way to ensure people are kept social whilst maintaining a healthy community, both in spirit and physical health. At the end of the day, Outdoor Cinema, is Outdoor and with the current situation, we know Outdoor Cinema is still a great option for the 2020 summer season coming up!

If you have any queries or questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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