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Mobile cinema business set for growth 

Mobile cinema business set for growth 

Cornwall based Skylight Cinema has just changed hands to enable it to meet the massive demand it is experiencing from it’s clients across the UK.

The company hires out a range of large inflatable outdoor cinema screens to anyone wanting to put on an outdoor screening in the UK. As well as the screen they also provide the powerful projectors, loud PA systems and a technician to operate the equipment.

With public demand rising there are no shortage of charities, event organisers and venues keen to put on a screening and it is estimated there will be are over 500 outdoor screenings across the UK this summer.

With a 100% safety record and glowing list of testimonials from clients including the National Trust, English Heritage, ITV, Carlsberg, Universities, 3 Mobile and The Red Cross; Skylight is now one of the leading providers in the UK and is looking to provide screens for over 120 screenings this season.

The previous owner, Toby Budd based in Penryn, bought the business last January. He said ”the year before I bought it, the business done less than a dozen screenings, but I knew there was good growth in the market as outdoor cinema was growing in popularity. The first thing I did was rebuild the website and do a load of SEO work, within a few months we were top in Google and the business went nuts. We ended up doing over fifty screenings across the UK last year”.

He added, ”It’s great the business was so successful but with a young baby and my other marketing consultancy work picking up I didn’t have the time to give the business what it needed to grow, and with bookings flooding in for 2016 I decided it was time to sell”.

The business has been purchased by Warwick Royden who already runs an event company in St Austell and who’s family have run their own business for many years. He said ”I am really excited as there is so much business coming in. We knew that it was going to be popular, but the extent has surprised us all! We cannot wait to see what the next few years has to hold for us and the company!”

Another great success story for Cornwall Skylight Cinema is now the largest provider in the UK and under it’s new ownership looks set to grow even more.

For more information see: https://www.skylightcinema.co.uk

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