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Open Air Cinema Screenings 

Open Air Cinema Screenings 

Here are few answers to some of the questions we regularly get.


  • Max wind speed for screen: 25 knots
  • Rain: We are not able to fully set up in heavy rain


  • We need vehicle access to the site
  • Beaches and wet fields may require a 4×4
  • When asking for a quote a photo and postcode of the site will be useful


  • The air screen needs anchoring with weights or vehicles if not on grass


  • It needs to be dark before we start, so sunset


  • We bring our own generators if needed
  • If you can provide power this is better and we will need 2 x 13 amp sockets


  • We advise our customers to ask their audience to bring their own canvas chairs


  • We advise the audience is seated on a first come first served basis
  • Advise your audience to wrap up warm, picnics are always popular and blankets are recommended
  • No umbrellas

Risk Assessments

  • Our operation is fully risk assessed and copied of relevant risk assessments will be provided to the client


  • Fire risk is minimal. However we carry sufficient fire extinguishers for our operation


  • Make sure you consider parking for your audience. We work on an average of 2.5 people per vehicle


  • Stewards are essential and suitable training should be given


  • We provide floodlight lighting for the audience area only

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