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Three nights on Portland

Three nights on Portland

Late August in Portland is the time that Pennsylvania Castle opens its doors to the locals for a community celebration of this beautiful resource which is right on their doorstep. What better way to offer something back to the local community than to turn your grounds into an outdoor cinema for three days. We took along our large outdoor screen.

Top Gun was the film for Wednesday evening, Disney’s Up on Thursday but the real crowd pleaser with over 250 guests was Mamma Mia on the Friday night. As Meryl Streep refuses Pierce Brosnan’s advances on the Greek island, the horizon of the coastline behind her character merged seamlessly with the real horizon of the Dorset coast.

This was outdoor cinema at it’s best and the audience knew it – staying on to dance well after the final credits had finished rolling.

Our client, Christopher Holleyoak from the Pennsylvania Castle said:

“The Skylight team were excellent over our three day outdoor cinema.  Would certainly use them again as they are well prepared and nothing is too much trouble”

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