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We won’t let the weather beat us!

We won’t let the weather beat us!

Well, July and August have been remarkably wet! However, even though we had over 40 events in July, not one of them was rained off, by some miracle it missed us at each event!

If any of you are thinking about holding an Outdoor Cinema event with one of  our screens and are worried about the weather here are a few tips to minimise the damage weather can do!

1.) Pick an area which is covered slightly! This means if it does rain, people can get under trees etc etc!

2.) Have a back up plan; this is especially apparent with our smaller screen as this can be put indoors!

3.) Have rain poncho’s or similar on sale! You can get these made with your logos on so can add an extra revenue stream as well for the event!

4.) Choose a sheltered spot in terms of wind, as this is really the only thing (apart from thunder and lightning) which can mean we have to take the screen down!

5.) Make sure you make it clear on your ticket/event page to prepare for the weather!

Although the above are good to think about and have a plan for, the likelihood of the weather getting the better of us is very slim indeed, and we all know what the Great British Summer can be like!

If you are looking at holding an Outdoor Cinema Event with one of our three screen sizes ranging from 4m to 10m in width suitable for audiences up to 1500, then please get in contact with us by either ringing us on 07753688043 or dropping us am email to info@skylightcinema.co.uk

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