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Who are Airscreen, and why do we use them?

You may hear us go on about Airscreen this, Airscreen that, but there is a reason we do and why we use them for our Screens.

Airscreen are a German based company who have specialised in providing the best Outdoor Cinema screens available. This is why we use them.

What makes AIRSCREEN special?

·        rock solid frame due to the high frequency PVC welding process

·        wrinkle-free screen surface for a perfect projection

·        certified fixation system: up to 38km/h or 24mph wind speed

·        no fire risk: certified flame retardant materials made in Germany

·        non-toxic: materials certified by the European REACH regulation

·        a long life: many AIRSCREENS are still in use after 10+ years

outdoor cinema screen
This is a perfect example of how taught the screens get to ensure the best image possible….

A picture speaks a thousand words….

The difference between an Airscreen and the cheaper Chinese versions is instantly noticeable. Since the popularity of Outdoor Cinema has risen, there have been more and more companies offering these Chinese versions for a fraction of the price of what a reputable Cinema provider has to charge. Personally, we do not think there are any similarities to draw from the two, however we hope that this simple but clear description will make you ensure you book with a reputable provider such as ourselves.

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