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West Cornwall Clifftop Cinema

West Cornwall Clifftop Cinema

It doesn’t get much more Westerly than Botallack. Situated in the middle of a National Trust Park dedicated to preserving an accessible link to the mining heritage in Cornwall, Botallack was the ideal setting for a 4 day screening of the film ‘Tin’ by the renowned Miracle Theatre. This original film, starring Jenny Agutter, Dudley Sutton and Ben Luxon, about the struggle to keep a Cornish tin mine open in 1895, has a topical resonance with the current economic climate of 2015.

Botallack is open to all that the Atlantic Ocean has to throw at the UK and three of the four screenings were moist (to say the least) however in many ways this was the best way to see this film, wrapped up in water resistant covers whilst watching these ghostly images appear on a clifftop from inside a thick bed of fog was atmospheric to say the least.

Day 4 saw the sun come out and dry up all the soggy memories in a glorious glow of a fantastic North Coast Cornish sunset and the audience were permitted to sail away having felt they had been through everything that Cornwall has to offer.

Photos courtesy of Tin the Movie 

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