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Our tips for running a Drive In in 2021!

We were lucky enough to provide equipment for over 200 Drive In’s last year during the pandemic. Throughout the year we managed to fine tune what our approach would be if we were to run our own event, so we think it only fair we share this wisdom (might be a bit strong) with you with our tips for running a Drive In in 2021!

1.) Location, Location, Location

We have previously written about how important location is. Last year it was more prevalent than ever. With everyone realising just how important the outdoors is generally, peoples appreciation of a good location went through the roof. The picture below sums up just how important a location is with these guys selling out 8 weekends of Drive In!

2.) Film Choice

Now this may seem obvious, but it is so easily forgotten, especially when there are very few new films being released. The mood of the public also needs to be taken into account. We found that the most successful films were ones that people had likely seen before and knew they were going to enjoy such as Grease and The Greatest Showman. The feel good family films far out sold more left field films. Click HERE for some good film choices!

3.) Choosing a reputable provider for your Drive In

Unfortunately with the popularity of Outdoor Cinema and especially Drive In increasing last year and it being one of the few events that could happen there was the inevitable entrance of other new providers. We had to rescue 7 separate people who had booked with other new providers who had let them down at the last minute or had not provided equipment suitable for Drive In. Here at Skylight we have been running for 7 years and have provided equipment for thousands of events. We know what we are doing and have NEVER let anyone down.

4.) Event Safety

Event safety is always of paramount importance from both a suppliers point of you and the organisers. However, that said, last year this obviously became of even more importance and was much more in the customers eye than before. We cannot stress enough that the events we attended where the organisers had gone the extra mile to ensure that the customers could see the safety measures in place had a much better atmosphere than others that hadn’t.

5.) Make it an event, not just a screening

We have talked about this before as well. However, this again has become more important than ever. If people are not leaving the house or attending events as regularly as they usually would, going that extra mile to make it a memorable evening will ensure your customers have the best time possible.

If after reading this you think you would like to run your own Drive In in 2021, then please do not hesitate to contact us or give us a ring on 01872 303737 and we will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

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