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Our Top Film Picks for the Season ahead!

One of our favourites…

Here at Skylight, we obviously get to see a LOT of films, a LOT of times, so we do like to think we have a good grasp of what is going to be popular and what isn’t! So here it is, our look ahead to what we think will be this years Top Film Picks for the year ahead.

Available now

There are a few films which are available now and can be put on our screens immediately which we think are awesome:

1.) Lion King – This is Disney’s Live Action remake of the childhood favourite. It is quite frankly, brilliant’ and most importantly suitable for all the family! Whether it is quite as good as the original we will leave to you guys to decide…

2.) Joker – This was probably the most acclaimed film of 2019. Having just won Best Actor at the BAFTA’s, it is not surprising. It is a dark but fantastically put together film, however definitely not suitable for youngsters!

3.) 1917 – We saw this last week and were blown away by the cinematography throughout. The fact it is filmed in what seems one continuous shot makes you feel like you are on this edge of your seat journey with them! Another fantastic film, but again not for the youngsters!

4.) Rocketman – After the success of Bohemian Rhapsody last year, Rocketman came and gave it a good run for its money! Another great musical film with a fantastic soundtrack which sounds great through our PA systems!

Available later in the year

1.) No Time To Die – This is highly anticipated, and with a release date of early April we cannot wait! The rumours are that 007 meets his maker…..This should be available end of September/October hopefully!

2.) Mulan – This is another Disney Live Action remake of a family childhood favourite, one which has got everyone talking! We cannot wait for this one and with a release date of March 27th, it should be available for those warm September days to screen!

3.) Top Gun Maverick – This is the follow on from the 1986 original. They have an awful amount to live up to, and knowing that we think it could be an amazing film! The release date is 17th July, so this should hopefully be available tail end of the year!

Well, we hope that the above has given you some ideas as to what to put on this year! We have had a great start to the year with the busiest January we have ever had!

However, saying that, we do have some availability left and we are also looking at purchasing another screen to meet demand, so if you are yet to book your Outdoor Cinema event with us, get in contact with us for a FREE no obligation quote!

Contact: info@skylightcinema.co.uk or 07753688043

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