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A rather busy weekend……to say the least!

A rather busy weekend……to say the least!

A rather busy weekend……to say the least! Once again we have had a rather busy weekend with all the screens out, and of course, the weather was not on our side either! However, they all went ahead without a hitch and everyone at the events seemed to enjoy themselves!

Friday; The first evening we were out at Pipers Corner School in Buckingham. The weather was torrential until about 6pm, by which time a lot of the audience had decided that this was a bit too much for them! However, those who did remain were fortunate enough that the rain did stop and the showing of La La Land went down a storm!

Saturday; The next day I was between Stanmore Place for a residents only showing a couple of Charlie Chaplin films with our small screen and Hook Norton with the 10m Screen! The other screens were out in Crawley, Cornwall and Manchester!

Sunday; I was in Crawley for the third night of theirs where they showed a Bollywood film! Although it was four hours long, it was actually a really good film and evening and everyone there thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Onto this weekend now with another packed one!

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