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What the 4th July may hold for Outdoor Cinema…..

Drive In Run Date

We have obviously been in the same boat as everyone else for the last few weeks, waiting to hear when we can get back up and running.

From speaking to local authorities, licensing and government bodies it seems that Saturday 4th July is going to be the date Drive In can run, albeit under very different circumstances and we CANNOT wait!

We have had a huge amount of enquiries for Drive In nationwide and we are starting to fill up right through until December with our Bluetooth Drive In System.

Hearing back from our customers who have booked and have started selling tickets for Drive In’s post 4th July, the up take has been unbelievable. So if you are still looking to book your Drive In with the UK’s leading provider, drop us an email to info@skylightcinema.co.uk or ring us on 07753 688043 and we can discuss all possible options with you!

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