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41 events in 10 days!

41 events in 10 days!

Well, our feet have just touched the ground after a manic 41 events in 10 days.

From Glasgow to Cornwall

We have traversed the country from Glasgow, to Cornwall, to Aberystwyth, and Cobham with a huge number of places inbetween with all 6 teams landing back home yesterday.

Every single one of the 41 events went ahead, with both our customers and their audiences having great evenings and a number already booking up for next year, which is always nice to see.

One of the events which really sticks in my mind was our first 3 day Drive In Event at Bowood House and Gardens. This was our event in conjunction with Bowood and we chose to show The Greatest Showman, Peter Rabbit and Grease. All were really well attended with everyone asking when the next ones were, which for us, was the icing on the cake. Charging all 200 speakers at 1AM wasn’t quite so appealing however!

We have found that our new and bespoke Drive In system worked perfectly and allowed everyone, regardless of the age of car or radio capabilities was guaranteed great sound all evening and it also overcame flat batteries (mostly!).

We are now gearing up for a fully booked September so no rest for the wicked!


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