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This August is the busiest we have ever had with over 80 screenings this month alone!

Bumper turn outs

The beginning of the month we were blessed by the gorgeous weather, which meant we had some bumper turn outs for our customers events, as there really isn’t a better way to spend an evening in our eyes! Last weekend wasn’t quite so nice, however, all of our screenings did go ahead with the weather only coming in at the last minute thankfully.

I was personally at Baypoint Sports Club for the first of there three Drive In’s this year (don’t forget we are the only company in the UK to run Drive In as we do saving you a lot of time and money) and it was a great evening, with the weather not becoming an issue because of the Drive In aspect!

A lot of our screenings this August, have been, probably to no surprise, The Greatest Showman. We have never seen a film sell quite like it, with the vast majority of the screenings being sold out with everyone there getting involved. It does help our customers are bringing their best singing voices with them!

We are now fully booked over the weekends until the end of September, however we do still have some mid week dates left, so if you do want to pick the Greatest Showman baton up, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

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