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NEW – Bluetooth Speakers for Drive-In

NEW – Bluetooth Speakers for Drive-In

The UK’s largest provider of mobile outdoor cinema equipment is the first to offer Bluetooth speakers, giving drive in moviegoers an improved wireless experience.

Our unique drive-in package

Scheduled to deliver over 300 screenings in 2018, to more than 200,000 people, Skylight Cinema adds wireless to their unique drive-in package by investing £12,000 in Bluetooth speakers. The speakers are provided to the audience upon arrival to put in their cars, and are reported to give a better audio quality compared to traditionally tuning in via the stereo.

The previous method of broadcasting on an FM transmitter also requires a license from Ofcom, which is not only prohibitively expensive, but involves a significant amount of paperwork, cost and lead time. So, to stay ahead of the game, Skylight Cinema has found a more effective solution for its customers by investing in the speakers. This saves over £800 on the license, hours of paperwork and months of application lead time.

Warwick Owner from Skylight explains, ”As far as I know, we are the only company in the UK to provide this service the bluetooth speakers in the package as Drive-In and it is becoming really popular. There’s a massive demand from the public for drive in events, but up until now the Ofcom costs made it financially unviable in most cases. We now provide a package that includes our 10m wide inflatable screen, powerful 10k projectors and bluetooth speakers from £1,895.” Saving over £800 on the license alone.

With the UK’s unpredictable weather, a drive-in event is a popular and reliable alternative to exposed outdoor screenings. Take advantage of Skylight Cinema’s special midweek offer: book any midweek date and the whole drive in package is only £1,495+VAT. Get in touch via: info@skylightcinema.co.uk & 07753688043 or 01726 890851.

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