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Bluetooth Speakers and our Drive In!

Bluetooth Speakers and our Drive In!

We often get asked, why do we use the Bluetooth Speakers for our Drive In’s rather than FM? Well let us explain…

The Answer

Well, the simple answer is that it saves you guys, our customers, a lot of money, time and hassle!

Some cinema companies run Drive In using the FM Frequency set up, however, the chances of them having the correct license is very unlikely indeed, and in fact illegal. Every time the FM setup is used, in a new location a license from Ofcom should be obtained. The cost of the license is the region of £800 and sometimes may not be granted until the day before the event!

To save all the above hassle and cost we purchased enough speakers for 150 cars, which is the perfect amount in front of our 10M screen! We have also seen a dramatic increase in the number of Drive In events as it adds that little bit extra, something which all customers eventually look for!

If you have got a location in mind, give us a ring for a FREE no obligation quote with prices starting from £1695 + VAT!



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